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Elixir: Trifold Menu


Elixir is a trendy, high end

cocktail bar with a mystic edge. My primary influences when creating this menu were Art Deco and modern Tarot card design. The design was kept simple to maintain a modern, sleek feel and to be easy for the customer to navigate.

Album Cover Art: Fast Guns


This is an album cover I created for the most recent, currently unreleased album from LA based band, Fast Guns.  The band wanted a Leonardo Da Vinci anatomy inspired piece but gave me full creative license beyond that request.  I wanted to create something reflective of the band's funky, eclectic style which is why I decided to use a multimedia- collage approach, combining digital tools with the raw look of traditional painting.  

Corona, Chaos and Conversation:

Event Flier (2021)

Corona, Chaos and Conversation was a virtual open microphone event targeting college students to share their individual experiences, navigating school and life during the pandemic. For this project, the coordinator of the event instructed me to include a bottle of beer, the name of the event, the date and time, the Instagram handle and a short phrase describing the event in the flier.  I created two fliers using different programs but ultimately decided to go with the bolder, less illustrative version.

Jennifer's Heaven: Business Cards


I created a business card for a high-end floristry business, Jennifer's Heaven. The guidelines given by my client were to use a simple color pallet to maintain a high-end look and for the card to have rounded edges for a "heavenly" feel.  I presented the white business card version as the version that adhered strictly to the clients requests but additionally presented the pink version as one that incorporated more of my personal design aesthetic.  When presenting clients with my designs, I like to include multiple versions to give them options. 

Album Cover Art: Lilo


These are two separate album cover's I created for LA based music artist, Lilo.  Eggs Quarantine was later changed to "note to you" and my the edit can be seen on Lilo's Spotify page.  I created the cover art for "Worst in the World" using Procreate and the cover art for "note to you" using a mix of traditional acrylic painting and Procreate. 

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Train Association:

Logo Design (2022)

The HFCTA is an association is an advocate organization promoting the use of Hydrogen Fuel Cell (HFC) powered trains (hydrail). I created this logo for the HFCTA using my own illustration, incorporating the colors and text requested by my client.  

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